Flux ‘n Stuff

Here’s a quick update on life, just for the sake of blogging:

  1. FLUX is rockin’ this term (we hire new staff members every quarter), mostly because I got to make the hiring decisions this time around for multimedia. I can’t wait to showcase some of the amazing work my producers are crafting together—I’m really quite impressed at how well they are collaborating. Many of them have never worked on a publication like FLUX before—one is even a biology major—and yet, all of them are stepping up to the challenges that come with a new territory and new toys.
  2. I forgot to feature my big project last term for FLUX. Here it is! You can read more about the story here.
  3. For this term, I made a personal, “executive” decision to not produce anything for my portfolio with FLUX; instead, I’m working to help build the portfolios of 11 others. I’m also organizing a revamp of how FLUX defines multimedia—I hope that after I’m gone, there is a foundation for more interactive media publishing. Video is cool, but Flash is also cool (and not dead).
  4. I’m working on a music video and a documentary in lieu of traditional school work. The documentary is on the 16mm film collection in Knight Library at the University of Oregon. We’ll see what comes of it.
  5. I applied to the Communication and Society masters program at the University of Oregon last week. I have felt amazing ever since getting the application in. What can I say—I wear stress like a rug.
  6. This website got quite a remake over the last month—I bought a domain name, reorganized everything, and published more content. You can now access some of my work samples.
  7. In January I was hired by Chris Birke as a research assistant. So far, it has been fun!

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