When someone tells me they are tired:


All Night Long

Realizing that my workload requires an all-nighter:

Passing the 7am threshold:

The rest of the day:



When I think I have time for something other than homework or grading papers

My Reaction to Mainstream Cultures

Before reading Hibdige:

Reading Hibdige:

After reading Hibdige:

Social Justice, Real Justice Conference

Waking up this morning:

Checking into the conference:

Getting my ticket to Cornel West’s Keynote speech:

In the meantime:


Follow me on Twitter today for my thoughts on the conference; I’ll be blogging for the Tale of Two Oregons project, too.

Gluten-Intolerant Life

Cutting out gluten to see if you feel better

Feeling better

Passing on free cake and cookies at every social function

Going to bars and brew houses

Realizing you’ll never drink good beer again

Obsessing with the idea of writing The Power Rangers into my research paper